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First attempt at digital painting by Saeihr First attempt at digital painting :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Sunset Painting by Saeihr Sunset Painting :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Flower by Saeihr Flower :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 1 0 Absailing for a Flower by Saeihr Absailing for a Flower :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Spiral Flower by Saeihr Spiral Flower :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Rusty Anchor Chain by Saeihr Rusty Anchor Chain :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Tree by Saeihr Tree :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Water Texture by Saeihr Water Texture :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 0 0 Bell Tower by Saeihr Bell Tower :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 1 0 Sun Rays by Saeihr Sun Rays :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 2 2 Sunset at Silver Sands 2 by Saeihr Sunset at Silver Sands 2 :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 2 0 Sunset at Silver Sands 1 by Saeihr Sunset at Silver Sands 1 :iconsaeihr:Saeihr 2 2
Log 4
Stepping into the turbolift Gabrielle sighed, those Utopia types annoyed her. They always get annoyed when someone has fiddled with their 'precious designs', or even changed just one little specification on the safety margins. Both of which were hardly Gabrielle's fault; she'd never stepped aboard the Valiant until today. And yet they continually berated her while they were working to get that hologram installed into the Valiant. Speaking of annoying... HAILIE just wouldn't shut up. All those questions... Gabrielle sighed and composed herself before she stepped into Operations. She had work to do now. Those Borg data files wouldn't translate themselves.
She stepped up to her console and seated herself, this would take a while. Even though she knew the task before her would be difficult, she looked forward to it, it wasn't often that her computer skills were put to the test, and she relished every opportunity that arose. Opening the secure memory files, she brought the Interal Sensor da
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Log 3
The Borg were just creepy, Gabrielle knew this much. She never understood how they could consider this dark and humid environment to be akin to perfection. Perfect was a nice sunrise with a cool breeze. This was more like some dank rain forest with bugs and stuff. Speaking of bugs, this ship was full of them..well it's computer systems were at least. Glitches everywhere, in practically every system. These subspace aliens, whoever they are, surely did a number on this Cube. She'd hate to get on their bad side, that's for sure.
She plugged in the data cable to her Ops PADD. Much more robust then a standard PADD and it offered her lots of options over a standard tricorder. However interfacing with Borg systems isn't as simply as plugging in a data cable. Gabrielle activated the Ops PADD; it showed the standard interface. She tapped out a few commands bringing up the required screen, she needed to find the right language that the Borg cube's computers used. Sure, when you break it all down
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Log 2
Gabrielle placed the last item on the shelving. It was an action figure from her favorite Holo-novel series. Very nerdy, she smiled. The quarters were beginning to look a little like home, just need some inevitable mess on the floor and it would look just like home. She grinned ruefully at that thought.
Lying back on the nearby couch, she sighed. While it was pleasing to be finished finally, it had taken so long that she now only had a few hours to rest before she had to report for her first rostered duty. Still that was a few hours she intended to invest into sleeping. Shifting herself on the couch she grabbed her portable personal music player and inserted the micro-speakers into her ears and activated it. Relaxing she fell quickly into sleep.
"Hey Gaby!" Jonathon called out to her across the..blackness.
"I told you not to call me that," Gabrielle said sternly but playfully, her brother always called her Gaby just to annoy her.
"C'mon Sis, they're about to start." Her brother said an
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Mass Effect - Tartarus Field by Euderion Mass Effect - Tartarus Field :iconeuderion:Euderion 186 77 Candy Hearts page 11 by coconutpug Candy Hearts page 11 :iconcoconutpug:coconutpug 44 18 N7 Stampede by JohnsonArmsProps N7 Stampede :iconjohnsonarmsprops:JohnsonArmsProps 121 38 'Starry Night with Blue Box' or 'Vincent Travels' by TerryLightfoot 'Starry Night with Blue Box' or 'Vincent Travels' :iconterrylightfoot:TerryLightfoot 583 173
Trapped in the dark, engulfed by the light;
Is this what keeps me up at night?
Is it to much to ask? I don't want to fight.
Give me the bliss of eternal twilight.
The dull, the beautiful. It's all the same.
A world in which I can feel no shame.
Oh, how the silence ever calls my name.
Domestication of what cannot be tamed.
But in silence, what's the point of life?
The musical beauty that stems from our strife,
The way we sing when we see the light,
The way we scream when we tempt the knife.
Silence, so beautiful, like a siren sings,
As hypnotic as how the pendulum swings.
But why continue to achromatize all things;
To neutralize life, to clip our wings?
Oh, in the dusk, I'll long for the light.
I'll scream for the day; I'll reach for the night.
The twilight, so vapid, the cause of all blight,
Is the peace I crave, the monotony I fight.
I have forever feared the mundane
Yet secretly longed to somehow be tamed.
Is humanity's curse to live in pain?
To always seek what we cannot name?
:iconthemortaleternity:TheMortalEternity 1 1
Badda-Bing Badda-Bang by Glee-chan Badda-Bing Badda-Bang :iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 104 22 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by 1darthvader Star Trek: Deep Space Nine :icon1darthvader:1darthvader 65 42 Blue_Spirit_Zuko by Unodu Blue_Spirit_Zuko :iconunodu:Unodu 16,148 875 Portrait Drawing Project by freaxy Portrait Drawing Project :iconfreaxy:freaxy 5 7 Asexy Meme by LegolianM Asexy Meme :iconlegolianm:LegolianM 16 17 Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO by pupukachoo Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 15,486 1,876 Saheir TG by Overlord-Skuld Saheir TG :iconoverlord-skuld:Overlord-Skuld 2 2


You know this will never be used.... :P


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